Handmade 925 silver ring inspired by the 60´s this ring is a beautiful statement piece but also gives you a elegant and chic look.

Each piece is one of a kind just like you. 

Available in 925 silver.


S(52) M(54) L(56)


All of our products are handmade and all of our gemstones are natural - so each one looks slightly different and is unique - just like you.  


How you take care of your products: 


All of our gold plated items should not be worn in water, sauna, sun bathing etc. 

Avoid contact to water and damp


Our raw sterling silver products will get even more beautful with time. If you like to wear them shiny- simply polish with a soft fabric. 



with each order we donate 1€ to social projects in Bali. 

HAILA Ring 925 Silver

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