Gua Sha is a massage technique that has its roots in traditional chinesee medicine. Gua Sha means scraping and has mulitple beautiful benefits for your body and well being. Often Gua Sha is used for a gentle facial massage to improove blood circulation and collagen production. It also activated the lymphatic system for a beautiful detox effect, less swelling and puffiness. If you suffer from tension around your neck, shoulders and jaw our Gua Sha will help you loose tension and facial blockages. Its an amazing bodylove tool and we are so happy to share this very simple yet so effective magical tool with you. 


In this Kit wou will get one rosequarz Gua Sha, one holy Palo Santo stick and one Gua Sha Magic essential Oils which you can use either Pre Gua Sha for a face steam or to moist your face and Gua Sha. You can use the Gua Sha Magic Essential Oil also after your treatment to give your skin even more love. 

Our essential oil is CPTG certified and contains the purest therapeutic essential oils: Rose, Lavendar, Frankinscence, Coconutoil & Aqua 

Please shake well before use. 



Gua Sha Magic pure Essential Oil & Gua Sha Rosequarz & Palo SantoKit





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