Moon. is a label with roots in Germany, Bali & Morocco. 

All of our products are handmade and celebrate the uniqueness of craftsmanship

Our Jewelry is made by an artisan family in Bali who has been working with sterling silver for four decades. 

Our cactus silk cushions are made in magical Morocco and they bring a bohemian vibe to each space. Cactus silk is a vegetarian silk that is made of the agave cactus- which makes this fabric to a beautiful sustainable product. 

We produce each product in a very limited stock to avoid any over production and to look after our Mother Earth. 

Ethic, fair trade and transparency are on of our main values at Moon. 

We work closely with our production team and our customers. With our brand we aim to make a difference by avoiding harmful recourses and waste in any kind. 

We are grateful to have customers like you who are willing to purchase from small brands with high values to support the movement of slow fashion. 

We love you!

Image by film by tobias